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Using footage from all six series of Sooty and Co (with some help with the episodes ‘Matt Remembers’ and ‘Dafta Awards’). Here is a Music Video Tribute i created to the tune of ‘Pilot - Magic’.


These Two TV Legends crossover back on 18th December 1998 on Channel 4’s ‘The Harry Hill Show’. Sweep also sings ‘Mulder and Scully’ by Catatonia and Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett.

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[Please Like my Sooty FB Page compare the two recent sweep puppets (60th and Cadells Limited) its clear one is slightly bigger than the other one. And the Sweep on the right did look similar to the Sweep TV Puppet at the time ( A Big Day Out Special, which reused the Sooty Heights Puppets). Btw there is very little difference between the two Sooty Puppets, but you notice the differences in the Sweep Puppets more.

The Sooty Show 2011 - 1x11 - The Wendy House [400th Video] (by sooteries2)

[Please Like my Sooty FB Page] For our 400th Video Upload, here is a special episode from the recent series that payed tribute to the Corbett Family in its own special way.

"Soo has lost her favourite necklace, and Sooty and Sweep are determined to cheer her up. With Richard’s help, the boys decide to decorate her old wendy house, but as always paint and wallpaper and glue go flying along the way".

The Duo’s appearance in the recent advert for this phone company in the UK. With Behind the Scenes footage and screencaps from Sooty and Sweep

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Sooty and Sweep in 2012 T-Mobile Advert (by sooteries2)